Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Library Project!

Kids in the Rasuwa District in need of Books!
I received the most wonderful birthday present today.  The Joy Foundation sent the translation for our Library project in Nepal.  The project has been approved!  Hooray!

Now I'm going to need a lot of help.  Please spread the word.  The first part of the project will be building the library, the second part will be filling it with books.

I have thought of 2 ways I would like to raise money for this project.

1. Direct donations;  If you are moved to help with this project, please send a check to:
A World of Good, Inc.
3120 Chadbourne, Rd.
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
All of your donation will go to this project and you can even choose what you would like to pay for.  (Sorry, I still do not have my tax exempt status so there is no tax write-off.)
email: butternutsquash2@gmail.com

2. Nepal Tour; travel to Nepal, at your own risk, with me as your guide.  You will pay your own travel expenses and donate one laptop computer to the library.  You may deliver it yourself if you would like to hike up there with me.  Contact me and we can tailor a trip for you:  Jennifer Gerard email: aworldofgood@gmail.

Below are the particulars of our project.

Applicant:  Shree Hawabijayee Mahendra Secondary School, Valaydada, Rasuwa.
Chairperson: Shree Keshar Bahadur Bulan
Contact Person: Balaram Dhakal (The school principal)
The Request:  Though this school is quite close to the capital of Nepal, it was started only recently in BS 2019 or 1963 according to the Gregorian calendar, due to the poor economy of the community.  It began as only a primary school and then added a lower secondary school very recently.  The physical structure of the school is very poor and there is a lack of basic educational materials so there is a need to start a library to help the students with their studies.
Location of Project: Shree Hawabijayee Mahendra Secondary School, Lahare Pauwa-6, Valaydada, Rasuwa, Nepal.
Beneficiaries: 320 students from 250 households of the community and the library will be available to 1500 inhabitants of the area.
How the project will be maintained: After completion of this project, the school committee will appoint a librarian to open the library and allow community people to use it every day except public holidays.  Any repairs and maintenance will be taken care of by the school committee.
Budget Details in US Dollars:
Cement 30 bags, cost $400
Sand 180 bags, cost $430
Skilled builders, 50 people, cost $290
2 doors and 6 windows, cost $500
Furniture, cost $500
Concrete, cost $40  (Thank you for your gift, Richard Gerard)
The community will provide volunteer labor to assist in the construction of this building.
Once the building is complete our goal is purchase 500 books through Room to Read valued at $500.
We would also like to deliver 2  laptop computers valued at approximately $350 each.
Total Goal - $3360
If we collect more than we need we will be able to buy even more books.  A donation of any amount will be gratefully accepted.  Thank you for all of your help!

Together may we bring peace to the world through education.

Contributions received from:
Richard Gerard- $100
Nancy Rowe-$35 http://www.naborow.com/
Anonymous Donors-$304.50 (Customers at Shows)
Elaine Maki- World Atlas, 3 volume Websters Dictionary
Eileen Black-$30
The Mac Gregors-$35 http://ofscarabs.blogspot.com/
Jan McGee -$20 http://www.janhelenmcgee.com/
Nancy Atkinson -$100 http://lifeinthesecondhalf.blogspot.com/
Plymouth Church Members -$75
M. Koutroumanis -$20
Eileen Mudgett - $100
The Love Family - $25
The Martin-Rouse Family - $75
Marja and William Blom - $50 http://dutchcorner.blogspot.com/
Dr. Sherry Meinberg - $100
J. Wanstrath - $10
J. Sisson - $10
L. Chatain - $20 http://beadroom.com
Morgan - $20
Benjamin D. - $10
Dawn Doup - $20
The Neary's - $100
The Divakarla Family - $25
SiS Jewelry - $9 http://sisjewelry@etsy.com
S. Scaparotti - $20
Marc P. - $10
Janis Z. - $1.14
Pamela and Gerald B. - $100
Scarlet Fire - $75 http://www.scarletfirebeads.com/

Current total: $1499.64

Please tell me if you do not want your name listed and I will write anonymous.