Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mastering the Magic Eight Ball

Life is magical! Scientists whittle it down to the most minute particles, and yet what animates the inert is still a mystery. It doesn't really matter from which perspective you choose to describe it, religious, philosophical, artistic, scientific. It is an incredible undeniable miracle!

There is a shop in Massachusetts where the staff makes most of its decisions by divination. They use a pendulum to choose which jewelry to buy and to find the occasional misplaced car keys. Before the pendulum they used a Magic 8 Ball to help with similar problems, until I admired it. I am now the proud owner of a vintage Magic 8 Ball which my children and I have used often to predict our fortune and fame. When I decided to build a library in Nepal I asked the Magic 8 Ball if I would be successful. I had to ask the ball 4 times before it gave me the correct answer.

In my endless hunt for the clues that give meaning to my existence, I occasionally happen upon a pattern that appears to point the way. I love these moments because a part of me has always been a magical thinker. But there is another part of me that seems to override the superstition, my firm belief in effort. Not every action succeeds, but with persistence, belief in oneself and the help of friends great things can be accomplished.

We have reached the first goal of the Library Project! In a few weeks, I will be able to send enough money to The Joy Foundation to build the Library. The next step will be to fill it with books and a couple of computers.

To those of you who have been following along and making contributions, Thank You!
And forgive me for being out of touch for a while. I have 32 shows this year and I have been making presentations to raise money for the Library and taking care of my family in between.

May you have success in all your good endeavors!