Saturday, February 18, 2012

Talented Boys

I was looking back through my old posts tonight and I was wondering what happened to my time? I used to write...

Moving back to the city was a blessing for my boys. We enjoyed the animals on the little farm in PA, but we missed the social aspects and opportunities of the city. There is never a dull day around here and I wish I had the time to tell you all about it. I am still traveling to shows on weekends. When I am home during the week I work with my customers in the morning while the kids are at school. As soon as school lets out I am so busy being the chauffeur and cook that there seems to be no time left in the day. Right now Joshua is in two plays and Sean is also in a play. Both boys play instruments and have lessons as well. Parents are expected to get the kids to practices, provide the costumes find the donations and provide the programs etc. Just like millions of other mothers I'm working two full time jobs. But, Oh the Joy! There is nothing better than seeing my talented boys in action.

Click here: Josh singing and Wayne playing at a block party.

*This is especially for my friends in Nepal who have never met my children.