Monday, December 21, 2009

Barnyard at Bedtime

Pig Smelling a Lily by Karen Thomas, The Angels in Pastels

Barnyard at Bedtime by Butternut Squash

“Hush,” said Rooster at the end of the day,

“I have to rise early. This is not time to play.

Dog chasing cat and cat chasing mouse,

It’s time to be quiet!” He continued to grouse.

“I’m not tired,” squeaked mouse. “Me either,” mewed cat,

Dog ran round the corner, and knocked them both flat.

“Oh no!” groaned the donkey, the pig and the cow.

Cat and mouse cried, it was a terrible row.

“I’m sorry,” woofed dog, “We were playing a game.”

No use in explaining, his head hung in shame.

“Alright, settle down now,” mother cow said.

“It’s dark out, and time that we all went to bed.”

Mouse sniffled softly as she curled in her nest.

Cat licked himself clean preparing for rest.

Dog yawned and stretched, then plopped on the floor.

But donkey was wide-eyed, and stared out the door.

“I can’t sleep,” brayed donkey, “I’m afraid of the dark!”

“Quiet!” crowed rooster, you’ll make the dog bark.

All the barn animals began to complain

“Knock it off! Shut your mouth!” was the noisy refrain.

“Shhhhhhhh!” said the pig to the rooster, and then,

he nosed open the gate and walked out of his pen.

“When I’m very tired at the end of the day,

Or when I’m not really sleepy and I still want to play,

when something scares me, or I’m troubled somehow,”

said the pig to the donkey, the cat and the cow,

“I just think of my day, and I try to recall

some things that I’m grateful for, both large and small.”

I think of my home and my family and friends.

I think of the flower I smelled at day’s end.

I think of the frog that I saw by the pond,

And Ladybug sunning herself on a frond.

With all of these beautiful thoughts in my head,

I find it much easier to relax in my bed.

“I’m thankful for cheese,” squeaked the mouse from her nest.

“I’m thankful for yarn,” purred cat feeling blessed.

“I love each sunrise,” the rooster then crooned.

“I’m happy in clover,” cow sweetly in tuned.

“I’m grateful for blue skies and oats and for hay,”

Donkey had had a wonderful day.

“Thank God for my supper!” said the dog on the floor,

He nodded, breathed deeply, and started to snore.

“Good Night,” said the pig going back to his pen.

“Good Night, and Sweet Dreams,” said his animal friends.