Wednesday, January 28, 2009


White falls in feathers
Cold tears melt upon my cheeks
My world purified

-Butternut Squash

About White: Here is an excerpt from a letter that a friend wrote to me about the passing of his father. I went to my village where I found that my father was dead. I had to stay there from the 26th of January to the 9th of February. I had to perform the death ceremony of my father. I shaved my hair and eyebrows, and I must wear white for one year. I had to eat only one meal of butter, rice and sugar in 24 hours for 13 days. I had to take 15-16 baths each day. It was very difficult for me.
The traditions may be different, but the suffering is the same.

I won't be around for a while, It is time to travel again. Before I leave, I wanted to share my poem with you for 'Poetry Reading' February 2nd.


  1. Have a wonderful journey! Looking forward to your return.

    The haiku is beautiful!

  2. The traditions your friend described are very moving and interesting. In Western cultures we seem to always associate black with mourning. I wonder how these traditions started?