Friday, February 20, 2009

Design Contest, A World of Good Inc.

Sue Swanezy, winner of the 2008, A World of Good, Inc. Design Contest

Hi Everyone!

It's time for our annual design contest. We need your vote. Voting will take place from February 20th through February 27th, 2009. We only accept 1 vote per email address and no automated responses. Your email address is used only for this vote and then discarded. You will not be on our mailing list unless you request to be.

Please view the contestants, click on Contest Entries. Thanks for participating!


  1. Are you participating in this contest Squash Butternut?!

  2. I am giving away the prize, but I am not allowed to vote. A World of Good, Inc. is my company. 'My' creations are many of the beads and pendants that you see on the web site. I don't do the real work though. The craftspeople in Nepal interpret my sketches and make something beautiful!

  3. This necklace is beautiful. Can you tell us about it?

  4. Sue Swanezy used one of our sterling silver dragon buttons and her original chain link design in this bracelet. The button is completely hand built. There are no stencils, all of the carving is done by eye hand coordination, no machines, no electricity. If I can come up with some photos, I will write a post all about the silver workers and other craftspeople in Nepal. I especially love that we can get components made for jewelry artists here in the states so that the creation becomes a synthesis of East and West.

  5. I'm going to go vote right now.

    The 2008 winning design is exquisite!