Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lost In Perfection

Under miles of wires
an ocean of grass
no weed but a seed
of prairies long passed

A personal thought
let slip away
retelling the tales
of ordinary days

On circles on circles
Round we all mow
In search of reminders
Of things we let go

Rambling thoughts
Like imperfect flowers
Warm fragrant forrests
And leisurely hours

by Butternut Squash
I will be gone for a few days. I have to go make a living. Be well and know that I am thinking of you even if I am not able to write to you. Peace.


  1. I came in from 100 Words a day. You have a lot of heart here.

  2. That was really lovely. I wish I could write poetry, it is a gift I think.
    I'm wishing you great sucsess while your away.
    Travel safely,
    ♥ Lori

  3. Wow...

    Looking forward to a new post!
    all the best! Tulsa

  4. Oh, Butternut Squash, the poetry was melancholy but fine. Civilization in its advance has lost so much. Be safe and have a good trip.

  5. have wondeful good journey.. we are all waiting here...:)

  6. Reading this made my day. It's endearingly evocative.

  7. It's so lyrical - could be a song.

    Simple and powerful and beautiful. Wow! Thank you.

  8. You are an amazing writer, Butternut. We await your return.

  9. Rambling thoughts
    Like imperfect flowers
    Warm fragrant forests
    And leisurely hours

    This stanza is wonderful,
    i enjoyed your poem!
    Hope all is well on your time away!

  10. Hi Butternut
    Hope your trip went well.
    I've tagged you for a meme at 100 Words from Dublin if you'd like to take part.

  11. love this haiku fest
    and visiting here

    xox - eb.