Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's For Breakfast Nepali Style?

My spectacularly delicious breakfast!
(You have to click on the photos to see the whole pictures.)

Saturdays in Nepal are the day of rest. So on our third day in Nepal we were invited to breakfast at the home of good friends followed by a day of leisurely sightseeing.

I showed this photo of my breakfast to an American woman who rolled her eyes and pronounced that she would never eat anything like this for breakfast! Wow, perhaps that is part of the reason so many people in the US are horrifically over weight. What do we usually consume for breakfast in the US? Cereal, bread, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, muffins, orange juice and coffee. I would guess that covers at least 80% of American breakfasts. Where are the fruits and vegetables? In most of the places that I have been in Asia , breakfasts are more like the other meals of the day, savory rather than sweet, except that there might be more fresh fruit served.

Normally, in Nepal, people wake up and they may only have a cup of milk tea for the first couple of hours. The 'breakfast' is more of a brunch. It would almost definitely include rice, dahl, which is a kind of lentil soup, vegetable curry, and then, if you are being very well treated, some other vegetable dishes. Above you see a spinach dish, cauliflower dish and a carrots and cabbage dish. We were treated very well! There was even a yummy sweet dessert that tasted like rice pudding and yogurt. Meat dishes are also often served, but sparingly. Tania and I both are sensitive about eating a lot of meat so our hosts were very accommodating.

The metal plate being used is what I see most commonly in Nepal. We were also served a glass of bottled water and milk tea.

Below you see our hosts listening carefully to our discussion. Everyone has there shoes off in the home.

Thank you Neupane Family!


  1. That looks like a great breakfast. It probably kept you going long into the morning instead of leaving you hungry and drooping long before noon. The meal looks like it was prepared with care and love.

  2. Looks great to me I love vegies and especially spinach yum. We have eaten once in a nepalese restaurant and had a meal of beans.
    The lady on the picture looks very colourful Very nice.

  3. Hi Leenie,
    Your right. We didn't need a meal again until about 7 pm. We had vegetable momos near Boudanath stupa and a pot of hot lemonade.

    Hi Marja, if you can click on the photo, you will see her husband. I don't know what happened when I inserted the photos this time, but it only shows half of the images.

  4. butternut - i'd eat that any day but especially on a weekend day which i call "my days". on those days i eat at around 11:30 and love to eat rich spicy foods with fruits, veggies and noodles mixed together to create that special place that for me is called "comfort". thankyou for the beautiful story and picture!!!! steven

  5. Thank you, Butternut. What a wonderful meal served by special people. Perfect.

  6. It looks yummy! And what a terrific story, as usual!

    and the word verification? wedge!

  7. You're right, we don't tend to eat any sort of vegetables for breakfast here. Half the people don't eat breakfast at all. That looks fantastic and certainly more nourishing than any breakfast I eat.

  8. that looks completely facintating to me, i would LOVE to try it. and i'm sure i would love to eat it too. I am so impressed by your way of traveling, your generous spirit and open mind (and heart), but mostly your appreciation of everything. someday i'm going along with you Jennifer.

  9. It looks yummy to me. Americans have a very weird sense of what foods are proper for which meals. Me? I have cooked oatmeal with fruit every morning.