Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Library Project

Shree Nawabijayee Mahendra Secondary School is a recently constructed school in the Rasuwa District of Nepal.  These students are in desperate need of reading materials.  As of March 2010, the school had acquired only one small bag of books.  Your contribution is going directly to the building and stocking of a library for this school.  Not only will 320 students be able to use this library, but the library will also be made available to the 1500 inhabitants of the  nearby villages.  Please consider making a donation.

Budget Details in US Dollars:
Cement 30 bags, cost $400
Sand 180 bags, cost $430
Skilled builders, 50 people, cost $290
2 doors and 6 windows, cost $500
Furniture, cost $500
Concrete, cost $40
The community will provide volunteer labor to assist in the construction of this building.
Once the building is complete our goal is purchase 500 books through
Room to Read valued at $500.  www.roomtoread.org
We would also like to deliver 2  laptop computers valued at approximately $350 each.
Total Goal - $3360
The Joy Foundation http://joy.org.np/
Total contributions including PayPal are currently: $1499.64
To see who has donated and learn more about this project, click below:  http://goddessoftheconfluence.blogspot.com/2010/11/library-project
A World of Good, Inc is not a non-profit organization.  This donation is not tax deductible.


  1. Very cool! This should make it much easier to donate.

  2. Wishing you a merry christmas. I put this great project on my blog. I had one person having troubles with the widget. In case he doesn't get it to work is there an other way
    of donating?

  3. I promise to make a donation but have to wait till christmas as our internet is too slow at the moment so the widget doesn't show

  4. Hi Marja,

    If you can't get the widget to work, you can also send a check to:

    A World of Good, Inc.
    3120 Chadbourne Rd.
    Shaker Heights, OH 44120

    I think it is also possible to send it directly to Nepal, but that requires a wire transfer which is expensive. You can contact the Joy Foundation directly if you would like to do that.

    If we really can't transfer your money because you are in New Zealand and I am in the US, You might be able to contribute by sending a few books or magazines directly to the school. Educational magazines like National Geographic or National Geographic for kids is really useful because of the information and the photos. Even a couple of these magazines are treasured for years!

    Thank you again!

  5. Marja donated from New Zealand. Thank you! No problems with international contributions through Pay Pal, hooray!