Thursday, March 17, 2011


There are beautiful flowers blooming in Hiroshima.  Nagasaki is a healthy thriving community.  Tokyo stands proud and tall! 

Many of you know that I lived in Japan for three years and have many friends between Hyogo and Osaka.  You might not know that less than two years after I left Japan, in 1995, there was the Great Hanshin earthquake that killed 6,434 people in the very region where I lived and worked.  Many people that I knew lost loved ones and and property.  In 1997 when I returned to visit, I was amazed to see how vibrant and restored the city was.  Yes, there were still many people living in temporary houses, but the city was functioning well and everyone was again looking optimistically to the future.

To my loved ones in Japan, have courage and confidence.  The world sends its love and prayers and great admiration to you for all that you are able to accomplish in the most difficult times.

Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit. - Bern Williams


  1. Yes, they aren't saying too much about all the spaces left whole. Japan will use this as an opportunity, I believe. I am sending lots of prayers and healing thoughts that way!

  2. I'm so sad for the people who suffer disaster. The Japanese earthquake and everything that is following is especially tragic. But it does encourage me to know that, on average, people are survivors and resilient and will work hard to help each other. My church sends humanitarian aid all over the world. I will donate and send prayers.

  3. I wish the people in Japan find relieve and strength on their path and I send my love to them. I've seen resilence and it is an amazing gift

  4. Resilience certainly describes the Japanese people. It's so tragic that so many disasters happened at once.

  5. Oooh, Butternut...I'm sure that things will be back to "normal" soon. They are still having trouble finding people but they are also already starting to clear out some of the debris and getting back on their feet up north. <3

  6. I must say, I'm thinking every day of the people of Japan.
    Such a terrible tragedy.