Sunday, December 23, 2012

Buddha in front of the Christmas Tree

Buddha in Meditation in front of the Christmas Tree

So many of my good friends from around the world have sent me Christmas Greetings.   I am grateful to be remembered at this time of year by people who do not share my ethnic heritage and am deeply impressed by their thoughtfulness.

Our global greetings, blessings, prayers and well wishes are the same no matter where we are from.

Peace, Health and Prosperity!

May we be the conduit by which these prayers are made manifest throughout our world for the benefit and well being of us all!

Wishing you all a happy Christmas, Losar, Lunar New Year, Eid-al-Adha and Kwanzaa!  (I'm a little late for Chanuka and Diwali but I hope that it was spectacular!)

And Happy Holidays to all of you who's traditions I have yet to discover!


  1. So glad to be back in touch!
    How is the young photographer?
    I loved it in Morocco when we were wished Bonne Noel
    and I try out my Eid Mubareks at the right moment.....I hope!

    Yes, guns in the US are a plague
    and horribly frightening....
    if 36,00 people had been killed by 'terrorists' what a fuss there would be!
    Happy new year