Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dream A World of Good, Part 3

This picture is from the path that leads to the boy's home village in Dhunche.

In April I wrote about a dream that lead to a life time connection with a family in Nepal, 'Dream A World of Good, Part 1,' and 'Dream A World of Good, Part 2.' Many of you wanted to know what happened to the boys that I gave rings to. It has been a very rough six or seven years since I handed out those rings. The boys didn't always know if they were going to be able to get through high school because of the unstable government and the numerous strikes and violence. This morning I received a letter from one of the boys that we have been helping through school

Dear Aunt, Uncle, and our brothers.
How are you all? We all are doing well over here and we wish that you are doing well over there.
Finally! Monsoon is here... Farmers have already planted rice in their fields. Some years back, maybe about 6-7 yrs, we had a different Kathmandu... Big stretches of paddy fields gave life to this once beautiful shrine. But now there are only patches of those just giving those memories some fuel. We had a very dry spell this year and farmers are worried that they will not be able to yield anything at all.

My brother has left for Dhunche today to make his passport. He is currently taking classes on IELTS and working in one of our uncle’s travel and tours offices. He plays football in the morning with his friends and spends his whole day working and learning. I am also spending my days learning and working... I wake up at 4 in the morning go for a nice morning walk and come back to spend one hour on yoga. In the day, I go to the shop and help father in his work and sometimes I manage to go to our uncle’s office as well.
Last week, I visited a youth forum. It’s called Today’s Youth Asia and I was delighted to see all these young people from high school discussing many social issues. The youth forum is making efforts to bring changes to the society... they already have two TV programs and some more programs in the pipeline. I suggested to them to use 'inter phenomenon' like 'Twitter' and 'YouTube' and TV programs like 'iReport' in CNN. I saw a different side of the younger generation of Nepal totally different from the youths affiliated with some political organizations of the past. They were there not trying to revolt but to be a part of the change.

Yesterday, I managed to watch Barack Obama giving his speech and I was delighted to hear his message for the younger generation. We all are an active part of our society and each and everyone can be a part of the story of change. Every time we watch him giving his speech he makes us realize our dreams.

Aunt, after a long thinking and working I have decided to pursue my further education in Bangalore, India. I am choosing Biochemistry as my major and I hope I will be able to pursue my Masters in the United States. My brother is now working for his application to US, he is looking for colleges and I am here to help him with his application. I have already started working on my application in India and I hope I will be there after a month or two. My brother is really good in mathematics and I hope that he will be going for Business as his major subject. When I joined my high school I already knew that I would pursue further education in biochemistry so I am really excited.

We don’t have any words to describe how thankful we are to you. Our cricket team is not active at the moment... some members are in the US and some are busy with their own life but they still have those rings you made for us and I don’t know how many have passed the rings on to other young people. We all love you a lot and there are no words to describe how much we are thankful to you. We all love you all.
Love from Nepal
I am so proud of these boys. They are full of hope and promise. As many set backs as they have had, they have always forged ahead. Both of the boys have taken an active part in their communities. If they couldn't go to school or work, they volunteered for the Red Cross and they contributed to the development of a new school in their home village.
I am planning on making the 'One Good Deed' rings again, so let me know if you would like to pass one on.


  1. Oh how wonderful!

    I am very interested in buying a ring or two!

  2. Hi Tulsa,

    Write to my email address and send me a mailing address and I will send you the rings. I have just decided to remake the rings this morning, so it will take me about a month to get the next shipment in. I am also thinking about tying the project to a scholarship fund, but I need to work out the details. In any case, it will be a not-for-profit venture. A really good karma ring.

  3. what a wonderful gesture - and thought for more - thanks for sharing letter with us - the story is very moving - namaste' - jenean

  4. Jeri,

    Thank you so much for sharing this letter. Oh I am so proud of them. And of you. I am proud to know you, what a difference you make in our world. Yes, please include me for a ring or two also, i will email you. Thank you again and God Bless You.

  5. Oh how very inspirational. I am deeply touched
    The ring is like the movie "pay it forwards" but than better. I am so glad they are doing so well. I am also happy the help the red Cross One of my blogging friends is in charge of the red cross in Azie (he is from christchurch) and I have come to respect the red cross big time. Bless you and I am happy I found your blog

  6. This was so wonderful. Please let me know about the rings. I would love to do something for these fine children.

  7. What a happy update! I can try, but it's hard to imagine what life is like for those boys, compared to the way I've lived my 56 years.

    Thank you for being such a good person, for walking your talk and making a difference. I honor you! Thank you.

  8. What a reward this is for you, and what talent is displayed..How we all influence each other's lives, for good or otherwise!! Thank you for you kind gestures...

  9. Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. CNN is not the truth. Each human being has opportunities to create and revise a sense of meaning. This is a personal and collective journey. Love your sharing!

  11. Your imprint on the world is a large and soft one. We're all lucky to have you.

    It is astounding to me what an influence technology is having around the world, how it is drawing us closer. The relevance of Barack Obama even on the other side of the world, astounding.