Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Pride and the Wisdom of Sameness

A groundhog being himself. Sorry about the reflection, I shot it through the back window.

When I was 11, in an attempt to discover the meaning of life, I picked up a the Bible and read it cover to cover. In the beginning, I wondered if my destiny was to be the next Virgin Jeri (My real name). Could I be good enough and devout enough to give birth to Christ's second coming? But, by the time that I reached the end of the book, I had decided that there were a few bits that I would have written differently. I won't go into details, but simply refer you to Elaine Pagels.

Throughout my life this search for purpose and meaning has been a recurring theme and has led me to some interesting adventures and explorations into different religions, but I am a real Jesus fan, and so I have always returned to his teachings as my foundation.

Recently, I was walking on the farm and looking at the sky and wondering about what my purpose in life was when a sign appeard in the heavens above me. It was a goose, and I had to laugh at myself. What a silly goose I am. I am so wrapped up in my own ego. The geese come and go with the cycles of the seasons. They don't spend time trying to be more important than other geese, they simply try to survive and care for their families and their communities. No time is wasted on wondering about God's divine plan made especially for them.

There have been times in my life when I have been stuck. I thought that if I didn't know my purpose I would not be able to fulfill it. Instead, I have discovered that all I really need is to decide what I want to do and what I am capable of and then go for it. My purpose is my choice and if I choose poorly, I can always try again.

Just my thoughts. I know some of you may think quite differently. Peace.


  1. I kept hearing the Doobie Brothers' "Jesus Is Just Alright" in my head while reading this post:-) I think he is/was a pretty cool dude and I often wonder what he would do in our present time...etc...

    I think our destiny lies not just in the outcome but in the process as well. We can learn so much from trying!
    Tomorrow I too will keep in mind to look at the clouds! I wonder what I will get to see?! thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Absolutely, I don't want to get so caught up in the destination that I miss the journey.

  3. I think most of us have pondered this at some point in our lives. Some more than others. For me though it's not about what god/dess' plan for me is but what I am supposed to be learning in this go round. How I am supposed to be transforming myself to become a better person. And yes, it is about the journey because we might not get to the destination.

  4. So thoughtful...I have met Elaine Pagels..we attended the same church here in NYC. In addition to "The Gnostic Gospels," so enriched my thinking, her personal story is startling!
    There always seems to be a sign when we get too attached to that old ego. My faith is a rolling stone....

  5. I have wondered the same thing. Then I decided to just work on being the type of person that I want to become. The rest just sort of blossoms from there, I think.

  6. I think many people put too much time into trying to figure out life instead of just living it. Jesus is my BFF too!

  7. COme what may, you are never "stuck." You are always precisely where higher forces would have you. Each thought and feeling you generate shapes your conditions. To feel like a silly goose is to refuse to accept all that you are, a loving, accepting energy being who is gradually discarding what is not you in order to reconnect with what is. This is your own process of self-disclosure. You may enjoy my latest book (w/ same title).

  8. Ah that's a very recurrent theme in my life as well. As if there must be some much more important role for me on this earth. Than I try to ground myself and tell myself that I can make so much difference by just giving a smile to anybody around me.

  9. Sweet thoughts. I find that nature often has the answers if only we stop to look.

  10. I love that part of you who searches for meaning and wonders about the context of your lifetime in the bigger picture. I love it that you read the bible from cover to cover. I did that with the Torah once. After that I could never stomach the book again. It's a very weird book.

    You do so many good things in this world, Jeri, but why shouldn't you seek a larger purpose? I think you're great. I think you're cool. Keep on searching!

  11. What a lovely reflection on a seekers life, Jeri. I also believe that you just have to reach for what brings you energy and avoid identification with it.

    Thank for sharing your "sign"- I think that they are everywhere...even that we (the divine in us) manifests what we need to see/know at just the right time.

    Don't you wish you could accelerate your evolution...and the evolution of others? I do...but without the ego jumping in and grabbing attention. Come over and visit me when you can. <3