Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update on the Library Project

I was so surprised a few weeks ago to receive a phone call from Nepal.  The English teacher at Shree Nava Vijayee Mahendra Secondary School called to personally thank me.  The Joy Foundation had informed them that enough funds were sent to cover the cost of building the library.  The school administrators would be arranging a trip to Kathmandu to discuss the details.

Yesterday, I received this note from the Joy Foundation:

7th June, 2011
Ms. Jennifer Gerard
A World of Good, Inc.
OH 44120, USA

Subject: School Library Project.

Dear Madam,

We are pleased to inform you that, today we have signed an agreement with Shree Nava Vijayee Mahendra Secondary School, Laharepauwa – 6, Rasuwa to make a library room in the school. The school has submitted a detailed cost report of Rs. 1,50,500.00 to complete the library room including cost of furniture for library room. However, we have given them 70 % of the above cost as 1st installment of Rs. 1,05,000.00 to start the construction work and remaining 30 % will be paid to them once they spent and submit all the documents to JOY. Also be informed that one of the JOY staff will visit the school in few days time to inspect the work progress in school, so that school may feel responsible and complete the work on time. I hope this information will be  fruitful for you.

With best regards,
Pradip Man Shrestha
Admin. & Finance Executive

I just want to thank you all again for supporting the project and cheering me on. As soon as I have pictures I will certainly share them with you.

Any further contributions made by friends and family to this project will go toward the purchase of books.  Contributions can be made to:
The Joy Foundation
Plymouth UCC (for church members, please note for use on the library project, Nepal)
We are still hoping that Room to Read will be able to provide the books.  But I don't know much about the details yet. 



  1. Oh, how exciting! I was talking to my husband about this project just last weekend and wondering how things were progressing. I'm thrilled that the project has begun.

  2. that's wonderful. I admire you so much.

  3. Whitney, I think you must be a little bit psychic thinking about the project just as big things were brewing. It is very exciting. I really hope that someday I can afford to take my boys there and show them this beautiful village.

    Ellen, the feeling is mutual. I always like to see what you are up to. I really do wish I could spend more time creating the way that you do, but since we have moved back to the city, I find little time to eat, sleep and breathe let alone write.

  4. Bless you for all your hard work to push this project through. It is SO exciting to see such results. It warms the heart to know that even though the bad makes the news, the good continues on quietly.

  5. Fantastic! You had a vision and it's going to happen. Kudos to you, Butternut!