Friday, August 20, 2010

Cable Car, Nepal

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Somehow, I am not too excited about the cable car in Nepal.

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But rafting down the river in an inner tube, that, I would do in a heartbeat.


  1. butternut - i've never been in a cable car - a fear of heights or vertigo or whatever would likely get in the way of what is almost certainly a good time. rafting on a gentle river setting like that - well yeah i'm in!!! steven

  2. WOW! In Caracas where I was born and lived for years, there was a cable car system that went up and down the mountain. Built by the Swiss. I was wondering if Nepal had something like this. You answered the question. Whenever I leave your blog, I feel like I have been to Nepal. How cool is that? A tribute to your vivid writing and photos.

  3. I'm not so sure about that either, but if there were no other way...
    the river sounds nice too, even if the water looks a little dodgy.

  4. I would wish to do either..but I'm just dreaming out are braver than I...the photos are truly transporting!