Thursday, August 26, 2010


Madhav Gautam, the manager at Maruni Sanctuary Lodge, remembered me from an incident that happened in 2006.  Click here to read, Honesty and Poverty

Smiley the Manager, Madhav Gautam

Here is picture of an Elephant carrying tourists in the jungle that I didn't have pictures of when I wrote Honesty and Poverty.


  1. That piece of honesty and poverty is wonderful. You didn't need photos!

  2. What wonderful photos. We never see this anywhere else.

  3. A wonderful story of true honesty. I'm sure these wonderful people sleep with a clear conscience even if they may worry about becoming a midnight snack. You find the best in the people you visit. Thanks for a vicarious visit to another part of our beautiful world.

    I saw on the news a story about two women who died in Nepal in a plane wreck. I had mixed feelings when I learned you were not involved but that two families lost their mother.

  4. It just goes to prove that honor is something you have or you don't - and money can't buy it!