Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crossing the River in Nepal

See the cage on the wire.

Here it is again.

See the little blue cage, this one is in use.  Click to enlarge.

I'm grateful that I have not had to cross the river this way yet.  Sometimes I see animals crossing over with the people in those cages.  This one appears to be mechanical.  Some of them are wooden crates dangling from ropes with pulleys, the people pull themselves and their belongings across hand over fist.  My adopted nephew said that he lost control once and the wheel ran over his fingers.  His fingers are OK now.


  1. wow! i've seen these cages in documentaries before. they leave me breathless. i have a fear of heights - i get a really good case of jelly legs going and i'm useless. i'm trying to imagine crossing the gorge with an animal. nope. can't even visualize it. wow! steven

  2. I'm scared of heights, too. I'm going to send lots of happy thoughts your way so you can continue to avoid this method of travel!

  3. oh, dear heavens! i might just catch the next canoe!!! have a magnificent journey, lady!