Saturday, October 10, 2009


Woman in Nepal carrying a heavy load

Usually, I pick a point on the horizon for my landfall, set my course, and steer my vessel to my destination. Except for the occasional storm, this seems to work very well. Lately, the seas have been tumultuous. I have had a series of shows for the past four weekends with children and their needs in between. Two weeks ago I went to Richmond, VA came home to Cleveland, got the flu, and had to leave four days later still suffering fever and chills to get to a show in Vienna, VA.

While I was gone, our family adopted an 11 month old black Lab. He's gorgeous. But my husband and I have never owned a dog in our lives and we have all sorts of things in our house that we don't want a dog to chew on. After several hours on the Internet learning about doggy separation anxiety, we have discovered that there are no Alpha dogs in our family. We seem to be an assemblage of lone wolves that make decisions by cordial negotiation. 'Pardon me dog, would you mind stepping aside so that I can get out of the door?'

I have also been dealing with a lost shipment to Nepal and insurance claims. Plus all of the legal and tax aspects of moving a business from one State to another. All of this while training a new employee and working very hard to get a shipment from Nepal before I leave for Virginia Beach, VA this coming Thursday.

Suddenly, I feel as if I am floating adrift in my life rather than steering my course. Some people, either by choice or circumstance, live their lives tossed from one event to the next. And I suppose there is a great lesson to be learned in acceptance. But for now, I choose to fix the rudder on my boat and get going again.

Forgive my absence. I will be back again soon.


  1. oh my, that allllll sounds quite challenging! I wish you health and vitality, it truly sound vital that you have your health! Odd how so many challenges can present themselves at once. Wishing you peace, grace and an alpha dog.

  2. Hi Jeri,
    Oh dear, i seem to have that same problem! losing my rudder...
    i hope all things get sorted out in the most pleasing way for you, and that you get well quickly.

    take good care,
    p.s. i think floating around without direction only works really in perfect weather and in perfect situations. Not really realistic. we do need our rudders to navigate. I believe.

  3. We have been a bit rudderless for a while now. Good luck with all the darn paperwork. That stuff really drains me. We will be here when you can find the time to say hi. Be well!

  4. I do know those moments when everything seems adrift. Hang in there and keep your bow pointed toward that spot on the horizon! Hopefully this is just a squall and will pass soon.

  5. So thrilling about the pup and less so about paperwork.
    You seem astounding busy and though in someways this must be good, I bet it's tiring.
    Please, please keep in touch.
    do hope your shipment arrives.
    Our puppy (see brings us great joy ....when not chewing expensive Apple computer wires.......
    much love

  6. Good luck with all the things on your plate :)) We also adopted a puppy.. Life is fun but difficult.

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  8. Hello Kismet,

    It seems you have some strong feelings on a few topics. I agree that the UN as well as many other organizations are doing a great deal to promote peace and fight disease and hunger. These organizations are made up of human beings both compassionate and at times fallible. In the end our collective fate is born on the backs of each of us as individuals.

    As a mother of future men, I have great faith in their potential for compassion. Ghandi, Buddha, Martin Luther King, and Jesus Christ were all men after all.

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  9. Good luck with evrything Seems you are in the middle of a wirlwind. Soon it will be calm again and you can regain the wheel.
    Hope you have fun with your new doggie

  10. In the midst of a whirlwind, a dog enters the picture. I think it bodes well for everything you're doing. Feel better! Remember to BREATHE.

  11. Holy cow! Hopefully the winds pushing you around right now will calm soon.

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