Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Good Deed Rings

My shipment has arrived. There are marvelous new pieces that I hope to be putting up on our website soon In this shipment are the 'One Good Deed' rings that I had made again. If you would like to read the story you can find it in Dream A World of Good parts one, two, and three. Inside each ring is inscribed with the words 'One Good Deed.' If you are interested in having one you will have to contact me by email and let me know your ring size and where to ship. I have decided that this ring will sell for $22 retail and all of the profit will go toward education in Nepal.

Peace to you.

I will get back to story writing next week.


  1. It's a beautiful idea Geri and perfect timing for Christmas. I have my eye on a few things in the World of Good shop! I'll keep checking back to see whatelse you add.
    take care
    xo lori

  2. Geri, the quote can be found here :
    Thanks for sharing that fantastic bit of your familys history. (I answered you on my blog, but just wanted to make sure you got it.)
    Have a great day

  3. Beautiful ring! And great cause.

  4. Great idea. I have this, and your little website in mind for Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  5. LOVE the ring! with the exception of a few family pieces i still have, i wear only sterling silver - love the everything of this piece - will have to be sure i start my gift list with your site! peace - jenean

  6. hello butternut, i very like this ring!!! i only wear one ring - the only piece of jewellery i wear actually. but this is interesting. have a lovely day. steven

  7. Christmas gifts, here we come! How do you figure out your ring size? wear 2 rings, bought years ago, and have no idea what size they are.

  8. You would have to visit a jeweler to figure out your ring size. They should have a finger guage. An average women's ring size is about 7 (US). But we know that average really doesn't say much about an individual. The other way to get a ring your size would be to measure your finger with a piece of string and mail it to me. Or take a metal twist tie from a loaf of bread and wrap the wire around your finger until it fits comfortably and you can still pull it off easily. Then you could send that to me.

    Peace all. I will be writing about my weekend adventure soon.