Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hunting for Rhino

I have been to the jungle a few times now and have seen rhinos up close and wild elephants, crocodiles, several kinds of monkeys and at least 50 different types of  birds.  Until this trip I had no photos from the jungle at all.  The first time I traveled to Nepal my camera broke before I got to the jungle.  On my second trip to the jungle, both my father and I ate something that gave us diarrhea.  My dad cleared his system just before we got on the bus back to Kathmandu, but I didn't know I was going to have a problem until we were about an hour up hill.  I wasn't exactly sure how to stop the bus, but I knew I had to do something urgently.  So I walked up to the front of the bus and told the bus driver that he must stop because I was having 'female troubles.'  I thought that might keep the situation discreet.  The driver swiftly pulled over to the left and I exited into the tall grass on the side of a very steep cliff.  Unwisely, I had chosen to wear bib overalls that day, that meant that I would have to basically undress from my shoulders to my knees with a bus load of people above me to my rear.  In order to hide myself a completely as possible,  I scooted as far to the edge of the cliff as I could safely manage so that when I unbuckled my bib and let it drop forward all of the rolls of film that my father shot of the jungle went bouncing out of my pocket and careened over the edge of the cliff.  It was very sad... we had some great shots of mother and baby rhinos that were standing only 20 feet from us while we rode the back of an elephant.  Adding to my embarrassment, several other passengers exited the bus and relieved themselves in the grass as well.  Then when we all returned to the bus my father told me that the bus driver had stood up when I left the bus and announced to everyone that I was having female troubles.  So much for trying to be discreet. 

The time that I went to the jungle with my uncle, I didn't have a camera, so this time I was determined to get some good pictures of rhinos for my boys!

Heading up from the river past the tall grass and into the jungle.

Rhino poop, we are getting closer.

We spotted a rhino in the distance lying on its side.  It was too far away to get a good picture for you.

We were a bit on edge knowing that if a rhino smelled us our only recourse was to climb a tree.

We followed elephant tracks to the river hoping to see either wild elephants or bathing rhinos.

There were only birds.

On the way back to the jungle we found the shed skin of a cobra but luckily we didn't run into its former owner.

We walked for about two hours, but I didn't find a good rhino shot for the boys.

We took a nap when we returned to the lodge.

In a few hours we went out searching for rhino again, this time on the back of an elephant. To be continued...  


  1. And that is why I never wear jumpsuits. How sad to lose all those rolls of film. Perhaps some archeologist will find them in the future after all those animals are extinct. what a treasure trove that would be.!

  2. So sorry for the loss of photo treasures! That kind of physical ailment is so overwhelming, especially in a group and on a bus. I hope your hunt ends well. Waiting for the next part of the story.