Friday, September 3, 2010

An Ox Cart Ride in southern Nepal, Part 1

Tourists Preparing for Departure
On these trips it is very hard to tell who is on display.  Are we looking at the villagers, or are we on parade for them.  I have been told by guides that they walk the ox along a different path every time so that we don't disturb anyone in the village too much.
The stone structure on the right was built as a platform from which you could mount an elephant.  The last time I was at the lodge it wasn't built yet, so we climbed the elephant's hind end using his crossed legs and his tail.

That ox is wondering how many tourists are going to be crammed onto his cart.

Wow, the heavy wooden yoke on his neck looks uncomfortable.  Our Ox cart driver also races elephants, check out his T-shirt

I guess everyone is a little crammed together in Nepal.

No hands!  The water buffalo behind her is looking a very thin.

Looks like fun!
The Terrai in the south is flat land unlike most of the rest of Nepal.  There is none of the amazing architecture that you would see up in the Kathmandu, valley.  The people here look thinner, their animals look thin and their homes are very simple mud and stick structures.  I'll show you more soon.


  1. Fantastic photos. Your adventures on this trip were numerous! Can't wait to see more.

  2. These are awesome. I'm trying to get a mental image of you climbing up the elephant...How, exactly, does one get an elephant to race?

  3. The Mahout, elephant trainer, can really get the elephants to do some amazing things. I have a good story about this that I will tell you in a few days.