Saturday, September 18, 2010

Night Life in the Jungle

After a long day of hunting rhino and not finding any...

we stopped to relax at Sunset Beach...

and borrowed money from our escort so that we could split a beer.  I didn't take money into the jungle again after my former fiasco, Honesty and Poverty.

Dinner was buffet style with loads of yummy vegetables similar to Indian style cooking.

They were still working on the Maruni Sanctuary Lodge.  I can imagine a roaring fire here in the winter.  It will be spectacular.

They have a cultural program after dinner.  These Tharu boys are dancing traditional dances.  Again, I have the ghostly orbs floating through my photos, but not every photo.

It is inappropriate for the village girls to be out after dark so they are unable to participate in these dances.  However, they do have a dance that is traditionally preformed by a boy wearing a dress.

The boys are really expert at twirling their sticks.  Remember that we were on our jungle walk with two men carrying sticks.  I believe that they would have been quite capable of frightening off many wild creatures with the sticks, but I am still glad that we didn't run into an old hungry tiger.  On one of my visits we walked past a place where a woman had been eaten only two weeks before.  She was walking on a well used path through the jungle, alone.

After our lovely day in the jungle we received some very distressing news.  It was the very thing that I fear the most when I travel to Nepal.  A strike was called in the Terrai for the following day.  Strikes can be violent, but not always.  My biggest concern was that I had only one more day to finish all of my business in Kathmandu.  I had made promises to finalize orders and pay several craftspeople.  They day after that, we were supposed to leave Nepal.  If the strike continued, we would miss our flights home.  This was the very reason that I skipped my trip to Nepal several years in a row.


  1. What a wonderful life. I'd love to go with you.

  2. Love this. You really do take us there with you, through these photos and your descriptions!

  3. Soooo did you make it home or are you stranded forever in the jungle doomed to spend the rest of your life dancing with the locals, hiding from the tigers and searching for the elusive rhino? ;D

    Totally enjoying your stories of your trip.

  4. I'm enjoying every bit of this trip, what an adventure it's been. Do you stop at all these places everytime?

  5. Ellen, I haven't made plans for my next trip yet, but if you really want to go, you could join me.

    Trish, thanks for your enthusiastic support.

    Leenie, you will just have to wait and see if I made it home alive.

    Lori ann, if I have a traveling companion, I am much more likely to visit the places that I have been before and that I find the most interesting. If I am by myself, I like to go some place new each time.