Thursday, September 9, 2010

Early Morning Boat Ride, Chitwan

Early in the morning, everything was still and dreamy.  Just imagine that you are with us.  We are taking a river ride to the jungle.
Smiley the manager has come too.  We had one man to pole the boat and another with a strong short stick to protect us from wild animals.

The sun was slow to burn off the morning mist.

I wish I knew the names of all of the birds that we saw.

I know these birds,  they are wild peacocks.


These are bird nests in the sand.

Wave and smile boys.

At last, the jungle where we will look for wild beasts.  Click to see the bird in the tree.

Good Morning Mr. Crocodile,  we will get out a little further down stream so we don't disturb you. Click to see how close we were.  When we left the jungle, we came down the path to exactly this spot where the crocodile had been resting just hours before.  This is where our boat was waiting for us.


  1. What wonderful photos. I'm on that river, watching those wild peacocks.

  2. Not in Ohio anymore, Butternut. That's not what most people around here think of when they consider a boat ride. Brilliant and amazing colored birds and a 'way to close up of Mr. Crocodile. Glad you had the little guy with the little stick to help you feel safer.

  3. Leenie, you crack me up. I'm glad that I have never seen the little guy with the little stick put to the test. The young boys on the boat were about the age of my boys. I can't imagine allowing them to walk through the jungle or pole crocodile infested waters on their own.

  4. That 4th picture is amazing. The mist lends it a touch of the surreal. These adventures of yours are incredible. Thank you for taking the time to share all of it with us!